By Najib Mulema

Solomon ‘Sky’ Kyambadde is a living example that you can be whatever you want as long as you have passion for it.

Kyambadde, an Information Technology graduate joined Buganda owned BBS television two years back with no media experience but passion to be a formidable journalist.

Due to his focus and urge to learn, he has never lost hope regardless of the countless mistakes he made at the beginning and during his career.

Now, Kyambadde is one of most fast rising media personalities on the local television scene.

I went out to check on this blossoming 26 year old after picking interest in the way he charismatically conducted himself while on set. It wasn’t hard to get him after a few phone calls.

We met at his usual work place at Masengere Plaza in Mengo, just after doing his famous “Ensi Teyebaka” segment of the morning show and guess what? As I anticipated, Kyambadde is a friendly and down to earth person.

After a cordial welcome, he engaged me in a little amiable chat as I sipped my Sprite soda.

Basically who is Solomon Sky Kyambadde?

I was born at Rubaga Hospital in 1991 to Ms Margaret Nassali and Mr. John Sengonzi. I am the first born out of two siblings. My young brother is called Simon Ssenyonga. Currently my mom lives in USA whereas my dad stays in Nansana.

I am a pure IT guy with passion for journalism and public speaking.

Kyambadde with his young brother Simon Ssenyonga

Which schools did you attend?

I attended City Parents School, Sir Apollo Kaggwa (Winston Boarding School) for my primary, then joined St Mary’s Kitende for both my O’ and A’ Level. From there I joined Makerere University where I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in IT.

While at Kitende, I was the Head Prefect as well as the Head boy. At university I was the President of the College of IT and Education Minister for the same college.

Why do you call yourself Sky?

Laughs…..eeh I thought you wouldn’t ask me that question. Anyway that name was given to me by my grand mum as I joined Secondary School. At Kitende it was a policy to label uniforms so my grand mum thought the name Solomon Kyambadde was too long fit on my uniforms so she decided to abbreviate it to “SKY” and since then I adopted the simple name.

What inspired an IT profession to join media?

I should say, my passion for public speaking led me to media and I think since school time, I had journalist traits within.

How did you join BBS TV?

. Like any other job, I applied and I was admitted two years ago.Though I am an IT expert I started by carrying pull up banners, cameras among others on top of managing the company’s Social media and Digital platforms but due to my persistence and love to learn, I quickly acquired journalistic skills and was all set to grab any opportunity that came my way. Right now I am a news anchor for Gambuzze, co-host of Zukuuka show as well as a producer for some shows like Entanda Ya Buganda not forgetting being a Digital Manager at the station.

I’m the brain behind ‘Ask Katikkiro live Twitter session’ the first of its kind in especially the Buganda Kingdom administration.

Away from “SKY” i am also rebranding to #NZEKyambadde

Kyambadde with the Katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga

Did you work elsewhere before joining BBS?

Yeah, I worked for several companies before. For instance I worked for Prime Uganda Safaris as an Assistant IT manager, Uganda Red Cross as an interim Communications Assistant, then Mass Consult as a System Developer.

Away from your career, some single ladies would like to know your relationship status!

Hahahaha….At the moment I am single and I prefer to stay that way until the right time. Right now I am concentrating on my career.

Have you ever experienced a heartbreak?

Not really! In my past relationship we just called it quits since it was not working out.

Any special qualities for your dream woman?

She should be God fearing and hardworking. With that we are good to go.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

I feel I have to get bigger as far as my career is concerned. I need to bridge the digital gap between a layman and a high end people so that social media equally influences both parties, that is why I do social media in Luganda.

Any last word for any ambitious youth who would like to be like you?

A focused youth should be hardworking and should always work according to his or her passion.  If you have passion for something go for it and by the end of the day you will win.