By Kiyimba Bruno

Alioni Abaasiku is a primary six teacher from Bongoro Primary School in Arua district who has earned millions of money from bee keeping.

Watchdoguganda managed to have a brief chat with him at the 2018 annual bee trade expo that took place at Game parking lot in Lugogo.

Alioni said that he started this business with a total of ten bee hives and later on was supported by NAADS with more fifty bee hives to make a total of sixty.

He added that from 2007 when NAADS came in to help him, he has currently a sum of one hundred fifty bee hives which earn him big sums of money.

According to Alioni , with 1.8 tons of honey, he is able to earn 1800 kg which can yield him Shs18m .

To him the Shs18m is from a single harvest but he said that he harvests three times in a year which makes him earn Sh54m annually.

Alioni added that agriculture has not at any moment interfered with his teaching but he noted it as something that has boosted his practical skills.

With in a period of 11 years, Alioni has managed to build houses for rent in Arua town as well as owning a residential house in the same area. The gentleman has also been able to construct a training centre for those who love bee keeping in Arua and has also been able to educate his daughters one who is currently in senior six and others who are now consultants in bee keeping.

He has been one of the members who have represented Uganda in the African bee keeping exhibition and in 2016 when they were in Kigali, Uganda managed to become the second overall exhibitor. In Kisumu during 2017, Uganda was 9th overall and 4th in 2018 when they were in  Abuja Nigeria.

Alioni advised the youths to be job creators not job seekers.