By Najibu Mulema

Media houses put parliament in its place, after they defied summons to the rules committee that had summoned them.

Media organizations including; Vision group, Daily Monitor, Uganda Radio Network, Redpepper and  the Observer were summoned by the Rules parliamentary committee under the directive of the speaker Ms Rebecca Kadaga.

The media editors were expected at Parliament on Wednesday over among your issue the 2016 UNNA convention in USA.

Parliament accused the media houses of negative publications over the UNNA convention.

The rules parliamentary committee chairperson, Kenneth Obote said, “we are conducting an inquiry and we requested editors to come so we interact to find a way forward.”

Unfortunately, only one media house, the Vision Group appeared before the committee but the rest refused. The alleged media houses claimed to have not received any summons to parliament.

However, Obote said even though other media houses didn’t make it to parliament, they got all what they wanted from the vision group which attended. So they are ready to pass their report.