Our reporter
Dr Kizza Besigye is an enigma in Uganda’s recent political history. His walking, house arrest, lunches in the ghetto, protests on the streets, court appearances and of course his arrests have been front page news since he emerged as a top contender for Uganda’s top job in 1999.
Dr Besigye however represents the one half of divided Uganda, and this reality has been reflected in how the media covers his day to day political activities.
However, something strange has happened. It cannot go unnoticed. That is why it is making news on this website.

The strongest critic of President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has been in jail since last Friday, together with Patrick Amuriat, a candidate for FDC’s president and Ingrid Turinawe, political activist.
However, the only voices reminding the world of Besigye being in jail and his company was social media.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday before Besigye was whisked out of Naggalama – the media has been silent on the incarceration of Uganda’s most legit democracy fighter. A few media mentioned the visit by Gen Mugisha Muntu to Naggalama police station where Besigye has been locked up for more than 48 hours as prescribed by law. Besigye’s lawyers David Mpanga and Erias Lukwago have twice attempted to get police take the inmates to court, to no avail.

There are people who argue that Besigye is no longer a news maker and that was why he was easy to forget. The same people forget that a couple of days ago, they were following the same person to Rukungiri where a police confrontation with Togikwatako activists led to the death of at least two people.
While moving to Kabale for another rally, Besigye, was arrested together with other activists and they were whisked away in the night to Naggalama.

It cannot be by mistake that front pages on newspapers and lead stories on televisions and radio stations were dedicated to other small matters. It is either the media is joining the conspiracy to black out Besigye or they are scared to report about the misfortunate of the leading opposition figure.