By our reporter

When opportunity knocks on the door, you better be sure to answer it. 30- year-old Issa Mbago is one who knows this more than anyone else now after winning UGX 350,000 yesterday on the 28th August 2018. Issa was in a taxi when he heard the Londa3 advert playing on radio and decided to try his luck.

Having tried twice already without any luck, he hoped that the 3rd time would be a charm and indeed it was. Issa could not believe it when he saw the congratulatory message on his phone along with a mobile money message confirming he had indeed received UGX 350,000.

“I was in a taxi waiting for it to get full and it was taking so long. I then heard the advert on radio and sent my numbers 342 to 7117. I kept my phone and forgot about it so when I reached where I was going, I saw a message on my phone. I couldn’t believe wat I was seeing,” Issa exclaimed in bliss.

The ecstatic mechanic by profession continued, ‘I asked my friend to confirm the message and he insisted I check my mobile money balance. Indeed the money was there. I sent part of the money immediately to my landlord as I hadn’t completed paying my rent. I can’t explain in words the amount of joy I felt.”

He called all his friends to tell them of the great luck that had landed upon him. He went on to teach his friends how to play so that they would also stand a chance to win. In his closing remarks, Issa wanted to let everyone know that one has to try their luck for them to win.

Londa 3 is a numbers game where you choose your 3 lucky numbers and send to 7117, if they match the ones in the draw you win 350 times your money. It is played using mobile money and there is a draw every 30 minutes all day and all night.