By Najibu Mulema
Yesterday watchdog Uganda reported that singer Fille Mutoni was sincerely sorry for what she did to her hubby,Mc Kats. Fille was allegedly to have thumped Her manager on Saturday,yes its true they had an argument and by the end Mc kats was beaten to pulps to the extent of trying to knock him down by a car.
Well,it has come to our understanding that all the facebook posts were made up by Edwin Katamba aka Mc Kats to make the public think that Fille was sorry for what had happened since this small sized gentleman controls all the social media of Fille and he even reached the extent of blocking her from accessing her own social media accounts.
My friend according to what Fille said today,i dont think she can ever be sorry for what happened to Mc kats.
According to, “I don’t want to be added back to that group until he goes
back to social media and cleans his mess…Every Important Person Left Because Of Making Everyone Look Foolish All In The Name Of Seeking Attention and Popularity…Let Nobody say Nothing About Fille…For Now Keep Your Opinion…I Don’t want To be part Of that Madness…Em embarrassed Enough….He should Go plan His Other false Move! Not Disfunction my Brand” Said the annoyed Fille.
Kats and other group admins added her several times but she kept on exiting it,
“I will Post-Nothing on That Page! So it’s his now since he has decided to make it his Drama Home…Anything That is
posted on Fillemusic page and Insta is Kats…Not Me…” Fille said.
She says Mc Kats is using her social media platforms to pull attention.