By Watchdog reporter

Renown City MC and NBS TV presenter, Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats’ accelerated love for women will never end.
After successfully convincing singer Fille Mutoni to become his girlfriend, many people thought it was high time for MC Kats to settle but all that was a big lie.

Recently, the couple fought over infidelity but later reconciled.

Now information reaching us indicates that, the presenter is back to his old unworthy behaviours of impregnating every young girl who comes his way.

It is alleged that MC Kats impregnated a Kansanga based Kampala International University (KIU) student identified as Tina Ahimbisibwe.

According to, MC Kats and Tina hooked up when Fille had left his home last year around October. He told her, there was nothing left between him and Fille. Tina believed and decided to give the relationship a try.

However, after some few days, Tina learnt that the couple managed to reconcile thus calling off the relationship. Little did she know that she was left with a “refugee” inside her womb.

On learning that she was pregnant, struggling Tina confronted MC Kats but he denied responsibility.

Pregnant Tina tried everything possible to get in touch with Kats’ family until she got a contact for the presenters’ mother who lives in UK.

Meanwhile, MC Kats’s mother managed to convince Tina to keep the pregnancy since she (mother) was to look after the baby.