By Watchdog reporter

Newly elected East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) representative, Fred Mukasa Mbidde has turned his wrath towards Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze whom he accuses of not voting for him in the just concluded EALA elections yet they both belong to Democratic Party (DP).

However, Nambooze who also serves as DP Vice President for Buganda region, has responded to Mbidde’s threats saying that Mbidde should cease the bitterness since he won as he wanted.

Accordingly to Nambooze, Mbidde was bound to win with or without her vote since the election was already predetermined.

“The election was a predetermined one and you were bound to win, with or without my vote….what then did you need with my particular vote, i wasn’t part of anybody’s campaign team but above all you won,why continue to carry bitterness?” Angry Nambooze stated.

“Now i get to know that some of yesterday’s winners are in fact losers in a way and that is why they continue to hurt,” she added.

The prevailing grudge between the duo comes at a moment when Nambooze has just declared herself as a ‘life saviour’ who is willing to save the party from the good DP men and women.