By Watchdog reporter

For those who didn’t know at the moment Democratic Party President Norbert Mao and his vice Mukasa Mbidde are at loggerheads with Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze and they don’t see eye to eye due to their political differences within the party.

Nambooze who is a leader of the Bad DP is sided by party members like Mathias Mpuuga, Medard Seggona, Erias Lukwago among others who do not agree with Mao’s presidency and actions in Uganda’s oldest party.

While appearing on NBS TV’s morning breeze show today morning, a heated debate between Masaka MP Mpuuga and Mbidde arose and they both traded accusations over Nambooze and DP at large.

Mpuuga condemned the party leaders particularly Mbidde and Mao for killing the party’s reputation and abilities through hobnobbing with incumbent party NRM.

“As others remain stuck, our green bus should be moving but its engine is out,” Mpuuga stated.

However, Mbidde defended himself saying that he has struggled from being a newspaper vendor to owning shares in newspaper companies so linking him to NRM because of his bank balance will not help.

“I’ve struggled from being a newspaper vendor to owning shares in newspapers companies. Linking me to NRM because of my bank balance will not help,” Mbidde said adding that for all his life he has struggled to make DP a better party.

Mpuuga further accused Mbidde of confiding with police to oppress Nambooze and other party members supporting her.

Mpuuga alleged that Mbidde spent three days at a hotle with police in Masaka trying to frustrate their meeting.

“Mbidde spent three days at the hotel with police in Masaka trying to frustrate our meeting,”Mpuuga said.


But according to Mbidde, the meeting was a dogmatic act of people centered as high priests of a cult intended to divide DP.