By Watchdog reporter
Watchdog has exclusively learnt that Democratic Party (DP) Vice President Mukasa Mbidde is busy mobilizing ‘kifeesi’ to disrupt the DP Buganda Conference which is being spearheaded by Mukono Municipality MP also leader of the ‘Bad DP’.

According to our sources, Mbidde has paid off a number of unemployed youths to seriously injure whoever will be attending the conference and he has planned the move in a way that he wants people to think that the actual police goons are the ones causing the commotion.

However, Nambooze has attributed Mbidde’s action as a cowardice move thus insisting that the conference has to take place irrespective of the challenges.

Nambooze says the meeting is aimed at making reforms which shall see DP great again.

Apparently, DP as a party is partitioned into Good DP being led by Party President Norbert Mao, Mukasa Mbidde and Nambooze’s Bad DP. Nambooze’s faction accuses Good DP of hobnobbing with incumbent NRM which factor they say has put the party on a verge of collapse.

The Conference is scheduled to take place on 31 March, 2017 at Sharing Hall Nsambya.