By Watchdog reporter

Democratic Party Vice President Fred Mukasa Mbidde has denied allegations that he earns part of a living from the ruling party NRM.

On several occasions, a section of DP members led by Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze accuse Mbidde of hobnobbing with incumbent party NRM and that he pockets large sums of money as a token of appreciation from President Yoweri Museveni for vending DP to him.

However, Mbidde says he has never eaten NRM money citing that he has struggled from being a newspaper vendor to owning shares in newspaper companies which he does not specifically mention.

“I’ve struggled from being a newspaper vendor to owning shares in newspapers companies. Linking me to NRM because of my bank balance will not help,” Mbidde states.

“I’m a shareholder in news papers and radio stations within and outside Uganda. I’m not poor and i live to promote DP,” He adds.

Mbidde  says further laughs at someone who look at his bank account and think it’s NRM money. He terms this as hogwash because he has been rich since his University days.

“Someone to look at my bank balance and think its NRM Money,This is hogwash,I have been rich since my days at University.. I have worked for DP for all my life including recruiting Namboze into DP…Since 1999, no DP Youth has attained leadership position in universities without my support,”