By Watchdog reporter

Fans of Mbabara based TV presenter now late Kassim Iga are saddened by the passing of the man described as simple and generous. Iga was an employee of TV West, a television owned by Vision Group.

“Kassim Iga is dead. We are all saddened here at Vision Group we will update you of all the developments,” Vision Group Management said in a statement.

Kassim is said to have suffered stomach complications before he was attended to by Mbarara regional referral hospital where he breathed his last.

The 34 year old born of Nyakaizi, Kakoba Division in Mbarara municipality is a life cut short by the angel of death. He was a presenter of a popular kadongo kamwe music show.

Iga, who had just bought for himself land in Bwizibwera, Mbarara district, could be buried at his ancestral land in Kyazanga in Lwengo district. .

His death followed the Most loved presenter Rukundo Jimmy Pounds who died of the same complications moreover he was after presenting his show.