NAKAWA municipality mayor Ronald Balimwezo has lashed out at president Yoweri Museben over what he termed as misleading Ugandans when he publicly announced that he doesn’t want to hear any police bond or court bail being given to arrested suspects being charged with murder.

The president during 2018/2019 budget reading past a directive scraping police bonds and court bails which he says has contributed to the increased murder crimes in the country drawing different opinions from the public.

Meanwhile speaking to the media today in Kampala,Balimwezo said the president has no constitutional powers to direct for the removal of the law in place as he told the country.

Balimwezo said its the role of the parliament to amend the constitution to remove and add any constitutional article adding that the president is resorting to passing decrees which he fought in the past governments.

Meanwhile balimwezo on the other hand decried the people who have failed to respect laws when they are given bonds and bails therefore appealing to public to use the police bond and bails well so that such law continues to help Ugandans.