By Watchdog reporter

Counsel David Mpanga and Masembe Kanyerezi have today dropped a bombshell on the law fraternity by describing fellow lawyers as corrupt, incompetent and unethical.

The lawyers fighting to keep their deal as Central Bank lawyers said during the court hearing where tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia challenges Mpanga and Masembe as having conflict of interest to represent Bank of Uganda while they were his lawyers too in the past.

There’s lots of proof Masembe represented several Sudhir companies for a number of years.

Masembe’s and Mpanga told court that all other lawyers in this country are Unethical, Corruptible and incompetent except them, the two and their law firms.

Sudhir is asking court that the two lawyers be removed from the case pitting him and Bank of Uganda who sued him on behalf of the defunct Crane Bank.