By Waswa Tenywa

As the masaza cup semi final level draws closer, the masaza cup committee has today issued guidelines for the teams owing to play the semi finals which are slated to be played this weekend in different play grounds.

The masaza committee members led by their chairman Sulaiman Sejjengo met all the team managers of the four(4) teams which made it to the semi finals at Buganda’s Masengere building based in Mengo  to issue them directives to be followed and the guidelines to follow during the course of the semi finals.

The four semi final teams include Busujju which will take on Buddu and SSingo which is to host Buwekula all to be played on the weekend.

Speaking to the converges during the meeting, the committee chairman Sulaiman Sejjengo appealed to the masaza teams withdrawn to accept the process and the outcomes as they are playing football which includes winning and losing the matches. He again appealed to them to respect the referees because they have full authority on the pitch during the match and avoid imparting their thoughts in the minds of the referees whom he says have their thoughts.

Sejjengo also appealed to the team supporters to refrain from violence on the pitches adding that this will spoil the good tournament and threatened to eliminate Gomba and Buddu accusing them of failing to contain their supporters whom he says have committed much violence.

‘’Please respect the referees and don’t be violent if we are to keep our masaza tournament but we are yet to decide on the issue of Gomba which which is said to be more violent and it may be be eliminated and we are also warning Buddu that we may decide to burn its supporters on the grounds’’,said Sejjengo.

Meanwhile Mboowa Thomas the Buddu team manager denied allegations that his team supporters have committed much violence though argued his supporters to behave well during the two remaining matches after saying he is sure his team will go through.

According to the committee, the cases presented to the committee during the whole tournament, they received 14 cases and four of them led to the changing of the results.