By Herbert Bukenya

Musician Mary Bata who is set to launch her new Madowadowa album is in the middle of controversy after an upcoming artiste a one Aziz Magically coming out to claim that he is the father of the singer’s son.

This toy boy to a broke swedish grand mum shook the local entertainment industry when he came out and claimed he is the father to Mary Bata’s son with pictures of the two pictured together in many places making rounds there after as well.

Well Mary Bata acknowledges that Aziz was her errand boy but she is not so cheap as to sleep with him and even go all the way to having a child with him.

She says he is being used by some people who want to destroy her reputation but he says they should be careful because she knows them and wont let them get away with it.

Mary Bata has refused Aziz’s suggestion that the child be subjected to DNA test and has had Aziz Magically thrown behind bars too for being a nuisance.

The Madowadowa hit maker says she has come so far to be distracted by such flimsy things and will still go ahead to make her new album a big one in spite of this drama.