By Kiyimba Bruno

Luzira based football club Maroons FC has been introduced to a new sport in the country dubbed Kabadi.

The function was led by Kabadi Chief Executive Officer Edgar Mujuni who took a team of 5 Kabadi National team players of Uganda to Luzira play ground.

The training consisted of practical field sessions, classes as well as fitness test which left the residents as well as players from Luzira amazed.

Mujuni said that they have big plans for developing the sport in the country basically from the grass root level.

“I know the start is always hard. Many people are used to the normal soccer we play. But now we have a new sport Kabadi and it is interesting” Said Mujuni.

On this note he called upon all sports men to try it out since it’s one way of keeping fit as well as staying happy.

Oburu Congo, a team player for maroons said that he is very excited to learn the new sport and that he believes the game will help him reduce the stress that could arise.

“This is a new sport and coping up with new things especially when you are mature is always a bit hard. But with Kabadi, Iam simply happy to learn the new experience” said Oburu.