By Watchdog reporter

This must be a humbling experience for now specialist in failure, Norbert Mao as Democratic Party’s Lillian Babirye aka Kamome pulls out of Kyaddondo East race.

Mao, who had been courted by Bobi Wine before nomination, handpicked Kamome to run in a race she was clear to lose.

Lillian Babirye aka Kamome announced her withdraw from the race on Tuesday, 15 days before voting day on June 29.

The DP candidate struggled to raise a few posters in a campaign NRM, FDC and independent candidate Bobi Wine have strong campaign material visibility.

It is not clear why Mao fronted the poor lady into this race and why out principle he does endorse the FDC, NRM or Independent candidate.

Kamome told news website that she is throwing her weight (that is if she matters) behind Kantinti as an official opposition candidate.