By Herbert Bukenya

Emmanuel Mulondo alias Emma Carlos the man who introduced artiste Coco Finger to the local music scene before they fell out and later introduced dance hall artiste Khalifa Aganaga to the scene is in trouble.

He has since fallen out with Khalifa too and became part of the Gudlyfe crew’s management when Radio was still alive. He is said to have been recruited by Radio and has quitely stayed part of the crew even after the later’s demise.

Recently he was contacted by a Promoter from Gulu who needed the services of artiste Khalifa based on the assumption that he was still his manager.

Sources say Emma told the promoter to pay a million shillings upfront out of the agreed sum which the promoter did and an additional 200,000 shillings for fuel on the day of the concert then switched off his phones.

The promoter had planned a few radio interviews for Khalifa to do before the concert as part of the event’s promotion and on realizing the artiste hadn’t yet reached in the evening, he contacted some one else in Kampala who knew the artiste.

Luckily the person he contacted was with Khalifa at the time and he talked to the artiste himself who said he hadn’t been contacted by Emma about the gig and its then that the promoter realised he had been duped. The hunt is on for Emma Carlos as he risks being arrested and ending up in jail if he doesn’t refund the money and pay some damages to the promoter.