Police in Kanungu district has recovered a man who was kidnapped last week.

On the 3rd of July 2018, Police in Kihihi, kanungu district registered a case of kidnap, file number  CRB  487/18.
It’s alleged that On 03/08/18, Mugabi Robert was kidnapped by four Armed people allegedly to be M23 rebels when he was in company with 03 others. His fellows were shot to coma and were rushed to kihihi Health centre IV.
Mugabe was taken to the Congo Forest and released on 07/08/18 at around 2PM after his relatives depositing a ransom of  7500 US dollars on his Telephone number  0782992472.
According to the Kigezi region Police spokesperson Elly maate, Mugabe was escorted by kidnappers to Ishasha boarder market, and was untied and left to go.
The victim was received on Tuesday by Kihihi police.
Mugabi is a male Adult aged 38,Muruli by tribe. He’s a Resident of Busoni village, kituba parish Nabiswera Subcounty in Nakasongola district.
When in the forest, kidnappers were speaking Rukiga Runyankole and some kiswahili. He was served posho and beans once after payment of 7500US Dollars.
His The SIM card was later destroyed by kidnappers.
While speaking to our reporter, Elly maate said that this is an organised crime that calls for vigilance and resources.