By Watchdog reporter

Gaster Nsubuga and his friend Byamukama Robinhood were convicted in 2013 after they were found guilty of hacking into Uganda Revenue Authority computer system and made off with vital files.

They were sentenced to 12 years, however three years later, Nsubuga was harassing banks, breaking into banking electronic systems and walked away with millions.

However, luck ran out on Nsubuga and he has been re-arrested after he hacked into PostBank accounts.
The bank with support from security agencies tracked him down and arrested him.

Sources say, Nsubuga is being held at Central Police station (CPS) in Kampala and will be aligned in court soon.

Cyber crime is on the rise, targeting online businesses. Nsubuga is one of those top criminals in Uganda.
What’s is even more worrying is how high profile convicts found their freedom after conviction which points to a bigger racket that involves police and prison officers.
Nsubuga, a former employee of Cargo Supplies Limited, is now held as a top national security threat.