By our reporter

The man who was filmed on Tuesday while brutally beating a pupil at Marto Nursery School has been identified as Daniel Kimuli, a father to the victim.

The five year old Jeremiah Makubuya who is in middle class was being punished by his father for failing to reach School.

According to child activist Joseph Masembe, Kimuli is a single father of two and he was apprehended yesterday by Kampala Metropolitan Police for his unruly act.

“The Kids mum died about three years ago and their maternal granny took over care of the kids. Sadly she also passed on late last year.  He feeds and fends for year 2 kids and speaking to him last night you could see that these boys are his life. He was truly distraught about his actions. I think the pressures of his life got to him and when he was called to school and told the boy had been lost and later found; in his own words he took to disciplining him cautioning him to never get lost again. I went to that police station with a lot of anger and resentment towards this guy , I left feeling sad and sorry for the kids  and for Daniel their father who was worried that he might go to jail for his stupid one off mistake and that it may turn his boys into juveniles,” revealed Masembe.

As the video went viral on social media yesterday, the public thought the kid was being beaten by a teacher.