By our reporter

With this New Year blues, it seems it’s difficult for young people to raise money for introduction and wedding now days.

In Iganga district, a young man identified as Salim Mutwalume shocked fellow residents when he decided to fake his death to raise money for a marriage ceremony.

Mutwalume, a comedian by ‘profession’ came up with an idea of faking his death after being pressured by his girlfriend to marry her.

After a thorough scratching of his head, he mobilized some of colleagues to organize the death prank expecting people to contribute condolence fees which in turn would be used for an introduction ceremony.

Unfortunately, things did not turn out as Mutwalume expected as mourners who managed to give him something only contributed coins for less than 10k.

Mutwalume, ‘resurrected’ from the casket very annoyed saying “people have disappointed me,”.

I opted to fake my death in order to raise money for my introduction ceremony. My girlfriend has been pressuring me to marry her and since I love her I had to devise all necessary means to raise money for the ceremony,” said Mutwalume as he appeared on a local TV station.