By Watchdog reporter

A man who describes himself as an engineer was at a receiving end of social media criticism when he posted begging Leader of the opposition in Parliament to pay his wife’s tuition.
In yet another proof that politicians go through lots of financial pressure from their electorate, the man, going by the name Sadaka Davis cited his ancestral place in the post, showing to show the tagged in Ms Kiiza that he is her voter, or at least, his family. He finished by providing his mobile number to be reached by the LoP.
What looks like a desperate early morning post, Sadaka wrote on August 21 at 5.59am, “Madam Winnie Ur apowerful woman why dont u honour my request and sponsar my wife 4only one yr at bugema university 2complete her degree course. otherwise her deadline 4the dead yrs is this september this year have mercy upon me and my family in Rwakingi Bugoye Subcounty Call Me On 0783537521”.
The post which could have been an innocent but desperate plea, generated lots of criticism, including insults.

Fredericks B. Edwards commented, “Why did you marry when you were unable? Does Winnie own a university or you made an agreement that she should look after your family? Stop stressing our MPs. You tell M7 and his so called ministers who mismanaged the education system. If you can’t manage your family, you’re not man enough. Call y yourself a boy.”

Kyimbesa Bozi, said, “Who helped winfred wen she still at school people be careful.” While, Kambale Kibingo Clement wrote, “Hahahahahaaaa #Sadick Bolhobolho but your fake man.why cant you go to her home oor Office.You have gone beyond and keep it mind that you have exposed your ignorance.let the spaner boys help you.”
Sadaka never posted again to explain himself or defend his post.
However, veteran journalist Asuman Bisiika, came to his rescue, offering Sadaka a way out. He promised to link him to the Kasese legislator.
Bisiika himself from the Rwenzori region said, “My dear Sadaka Davis, U used a VERY wrong forum to reach Winnie and I can unserstand the people savaging U.

Yet I must confess I still understand U and your case. For me I picked the payload (the need) in your desperation.

Plz inbox me. I will TRY to make make a case for you to Winnie Kiiza (she is my neighbour in Kiburara and her father was my teacher) and (or) another person or personality.

Ahmad Ibrahim Asuman MB Bisiika
Kiburara, Kagando