In a bizarre case before a court in Tanzania, a 30-year-old man has sued his neighbor for breach of contract after the

neighbor failed to impregnate his wife despite many attempts.

The man, Darius Makambako, had tried to have a child for
six years with his wife, 28-year-old Precious. However, doctors discovered that he was infertile.
Desperate to have a child, he approached his best friend
and neighbor, 32-year-old Evans Mastano, to help him in
return for monetary compensation. Evans had two children of his own and therefore would have no problems impregnating Darius’ wife.

Darius was shocked to discover Evans was sterile just like
him However, after 10 months of repeated attempts, Darius
sensed that something was wrong and asked Evans to
undergo a doctor’s screening.

What he discovered shocked
him and Evans too—Evans was infertile.

Evans then confronted his wife about who fathered their two children, and she confessed that Evans’ cousin had done the job.

Darius then approached the courts to compel Evans to
return the money and to be punished for breach of contract.