By our reporter

Police is holding a man who allegedly obtained money from police officers through promising to help them get promotions and juicy deployments.

Patrick Oloka, a resident of Kisugu, a Kampala suburb claimed he was a son of the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola and he managed to convince a number of officers that he was going to use his connections to get them promotions and juicy deployments.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations spokesman, Vicent Ssekate, said more than eight police officers have been conned of their money by the suspect.

“Some officers have recorded statements with the police and confirmed that he took their money. They said he approached them saying that he was the first born of the IGP and would influence their promotions and transfers. He solicited from them money ranging from Shs300,000 to Shs500,000 to purportedly help them. Unfortunately, some paid the money,” Ssekatte said.

The suspect is alleged to have also asked each of his victims to offer a turkey or a cock as a gift that he would pass on to the newly appointed IGP.

However, Oloka was arrested after one of his victims reportedly cross checked with IGP’s office and found out that he wasn’t his son.

IGP Ochola has since distanced himself from the man.