A 27-year-old man was on Monday caught redhanded looting from a shop at Qualicell house Kampala.

He broke into shop number 39 through the roof,stole 2200 women dresses. CPS Kampala Police was tipped off by the building owners at around 7pm who laid in wait for the thugs. “These are the fruits of community policing given that the people can trust us and share information so that we can secure the area”,said ASP Bakaleke Joseph (DPC CPS Kampala)

In relation to the incident, the DPC CPS Kampala cautioned all property owners to secure all doors, roller shutters, windows and other openings with good quality grills and close-shackled padlocks when leaving their premises unattended.

They should do so even if they are only leaving for a short while, he advised

If convicted of shop breaking and theft , he could be imprisoned between two and 14 years, and also be liable to a fine.