Watchdog reporter

The aggrieved family of the late former Kampala Mayor John Ssebaana Kizito has sent packing a one Drake Kizito Nkajja, 32 who has been claiming to be a son of the deceased.

According to Nkajja, Sebaana fathered him from Christine Nakiganda who died in China where she had gone to study her second degree.

Nkajja says years back after the death of his mother, Ssebaana took him to his home but his stay was short lived since he was mistreated by the veteran politician’s wife which action prompted him to desert the Kansanga based home.

He further says, he doesn’t care about the wealth his father left, all he cares about is recognition as Ssebaana’s son.

Nkajja pinpointed out Prof Mutiibwa, Sarah Nkonge and some workers at City Hall and Democratic Party Headquarters to be some of the people who know him as Ssebaana’s son.

However, Ssebaana’s family members say they don’t know Nkajja and are not willing to take him in as a relative.

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