Central Police Station Kampala Police arrests yet another “sexual predator” for allegedly luring,stealing property & raping his female facebook followers.

Central Police Station Kampala on Monday 8th November 2017 arrested one man on suspicion of theft and rape of 6 university female students.

The male suspect identified as Arinaitwe Herbert is believed to have used multiple fake Facebook accounts to lure the university female students into having forced sex.

Herbert met his victims through Facebook,kept in close contact and communication. These girls ended up sharing their secrets about their troubled and abusive lives. He was able to identify those who had low self esteem, loners, those who perhaps don’t have that adult male influence.

Arinaitwe having realised that these were students who wanted a nice simple life, kept promising them about how he intended to connect them to ministers and other very important persons in the country.

Knowing that these girls desired attention, this “pimp” kept providing empty promises of giving them the best of life,offering them a modeling or actress gig,fast jobs and VIP dates.

Once Herbert would gain the trust,it was a common practice that he offers them an appointment to meet face to face with the ministers.

Only that the “appointment” isn’t at all what he expected from his victims. On meeting face to face, Arinaitwe would take them to an isolated room claiming that’s where the ministers would meet them.

He would explain that since the jobs they expected to be given weren’t advertised in newspapers,it was better they met privately not in the official offices.

His convincing tone sounded like everything was legit. He would then pretend to be communicating with the ministers on phone about their time of arrival. At the end he would open up to his victims tell them of how he wasn’t just helping them for free and hence forcing them into a selfish payment mode of having forced sex.

If not he wait for his victims to move out for nature calls,trick them into leaving their property behind and would disappear with their properties like phones and other important documents.

The DPC CPS Kampala ASP. Bakaleke Joseph Gwaidho said that social media offences have become a common vice as African countries are transforming and adopting advanced technology.

“Girls should aim at searching for jobs at an appropriate time and not giving unnecessary attention to strangers on social media”,said ASP Bakaleke Joseph.

According to experts,the most successful way to combat these crimes committed through social media is to bring awareness to the issue.