By our reporter

Man identified as Kasibante Hassan Junior who is being accused of leaking police woman Akol Esther’s nude photos has denied the allegations describing them as false.

Kasibante who allegedly works with in Kampala Minister;s office, has said through a Facebook post, that he doesn’t know Akol and has never met her anywhere.

He revealed that as a religious, responsible and morally upright citizen with a family, he cannot engage himself in such immoral matters.


He further noted that he has already opened up an inquiry file with police to investigate the main intent of the people behind tarnishing his name.

“With due respect to my people and the Nation at large, I would like to make this clear that all the Allegations put against my name and circulating all over social media platforms and media stations are all FALSE. I do not know the POLICE WOMAN in question NOR have I ever met this lady anywhere. I’m a religious responsible and moral citizen with a family and I can never engage my self-given my profession and image into such immoral matters. I opened up a general Inquiry file with Police and engaged the cyber crime to carry out a proper investigation about this matter and all victims TARNISHING my name will be forwarded to the courts of Justice. I respect WOMEN so much and given my background and profession I can never disrespect MOTHERS OF THIS NATION. KASIBANTE HASSAN JUNIOR /  HASSAN DE MEYER” he posted.

Earlier, Akol who works with Jinja Police Station was charged under SD REF 110/07/03/2018 for scandalous manner /discreditable conduct.


The photo which leaked on Wednesday, shows Akol exposing her private parts while putting on police uniform.