By Watchdog reporter

When it comes to giving out lucky charms to those looking for lovers, wealth and not mentioning other problems, absolutely Sophia Namutebi popularly known as Mama Fina scores the highest.

On several occasions, the head of traditional herbalists has been helping to revive lives of disappointed people from all corners of Uganda through using her witchcraft.

However, as the proverb goes by “Physician heal thyself ”, when it comes to love matters, Mama Fina is among the unfortunate; she has completely failed to use her lucky charm to ascertain her relationship matters.

So far wealthy Mama Fina has been in countless relationships, some leading to marriage. Unfortunately, most of them have proved to be fruitless.

When she came into limelight some years back, Mama Fina had already married Hajj Ismail Sekidde (married in 2004) not forgetting her past relationships before him (Sekidde).

In 2014, the couple had a bitter split ad since then Mama Fina has never looked back; she has been changing husbands like clothes.

After her separation with Sekidde, the ritualist hooked the late Major Muhammad Kiggundu who was gunned down last year by unknown assailants.

A few months later after Kiggundu’s demise, Mama Fina started to hobnob with NRM Wakiso chairperson Hajj Abdul Kiyimba until their plans to marry where halted by Kiymba’s wives who said they could not allow a man snatcher (Mama Fina) to take away their ‘sweet’ husband.

After a failed mission which resulted to a broken heart, Mama Fina commenced with her plans to get a right ‘bed warmer’ and during the weekend, she unveiled her new found love a one Hajj Ismael Segujja.

She revealed that this time round her heart has reached where it has always yearned to be.

The two love birds revealed that they are set for a religious marriage anytime from now.

We now pray that Segujja will be her last husband in remaining entire life.