By Najibu Mulema

Makerere university might lose four f its vehicles for failure to pay illegal fees amounting to shs56 million.
The vehicles belong to the office of the vice chancellor, his deputy, the university secretary and the bursar
This comes after the high court execution division issued an attachment order for bailiff to impound the four vehicles and sell them inorder to raise the shs56 million to a city advocate Steven Senkezi Ssali as legal fees. The vehicles are to be sold by public auction.
Co-documents indicate that in 2014, Makerere university agreed to pay Ssali the said amount of money as fees for presenting a one hajjat Fatuma Nakatudde and Uzobia Baine who were university employees challenging the procedure through which individuals were occupying top administrative posts in the university are appointed.
The university agreed to settle the matters outside court and meet legal costs incurred but up to now it had failed to meet the costs.