By Najibu Mulema

Makerere University Visitation Committee today starts a 20-day headcount exercise to establish exact number of students at the university.

Continuing students to present university ID and admission letter and new students will present registration forms, admission letter and former secondary school IDs. Students who will miss the head count risk to be expunged from the university.

According to Dr. Abel Rwendeire, chairperson probe committee, they are already at campus to start the process of head count. The exercise will be done on college level. The exercise will help us establish the actual number of students and also staff.

” We have made this exercise very flexible to allow students come at any one time within these three weeks. We also want them to do whatever they want to do at anytime and present required documents to be counted,” Dr. Rwendeire said.

The committee that is investigating alleged mismanagement and attendant issues at the public institution, a new head-count of all students is to ascertain their number.

The letter signed by the Academic Registrar Alfred Masikye Namoah, the names of students who will miss the head-count will be removed from university records.

The visitation committee also directed the academic staff to submit their professional documents for assessment with a view to checking their contribution to the university’s teaching and research roles.