By Watchdog reporter

Makerere University has suspended Dr. Stella Nyanzi over misconduct.

Early this month the University advised her to stop using social media to abuse fellow staff and other leaders in the service of Makerere University but ever since then she never ceased abusing them.

In a warning letter issued on 6th March 2017, the Appointment Board noted with concern that Nyanzi continues to use social media to abuse fellow fellow staff and leader which is contrary to section 5.7.7 of Makerere University Human Resource Manual,2009, which lists use of abusive or insulting language or behavior or assault  as one of the offences that constitute misconduct liable to disciplinary action once proven.

“This is, therefore to warn and inform you that the appointment Board will not give you any further warning should the habit of using social media or any other means to abuse people,” Letter partly read.

“Accordingly, should you not heed this warning , the Appointment Board , will go ahead to Institute disciplinary action against you  in the line with the Universities and other tertiary institution Act 2001 as amended , the Makerere University Human Resource Manual 2009 and other relevant documents,” Letter further stated.

Today the University Appointment Board has resolved to suspend her until further notice.