By our reporter
A lot of debate has followed the photograph of a former Makerere University student showing a Senior Administrative Assistant Edward Kisuze going down on her.
The university has actually reacted with suspending the university administrator as investigations go on, after acting Vice Chancellor William Bazeyo found his explanations wanting.
Whereas many people have lauded Rachel Njeri aka Njoro for her courage to shame the sex predator, some voices have come out to punch holes into the narrative of the student. The main argument here is the calmness in the girl taking the photograph.

It also turns out that whereas Njeri narrates the story like she had never met Kisuze, it is now clear the two know each other very well with photographs of the two posing during the former’s graduation. There is no way a stranger poses for a photograph with a student at her graduation!
Whereas the university should speak out on cases of student-lecturer relationships, it would be paramount the university should establish the details of Njeri’s relationship with Kisuze.
Njeri says in her hand written story, that Kisuze sexually harassed her when she went to pick her transcript on April 13.

She talks about being referred to the office of the Kisuze where she waited from 10am to 4.30pm.
She writes, “I was referred to room 507 from where I was first chased and told to wait. I went out and waited patiently on the bench but when [the clock struck] 4.30 pm, I could not wait any longer…”
“When I got into the room, the staff told me to wait five minutes so they could see if my transcript had been worked on. Fortunately, my transcripts were certified and handed to me.
“As I was looking through them, the man who had given them to me turned out to be so inhumane.”
Njeri says Kisuze grabbed her breasts, licked them and told her he loved her.
“I tried to resist his actions but he was stronger than I was. He grabbed me and threw me on the cabinet files at the corner.”

Njeri should come clean on sex harassment and if this was the first time she was having this encounter with Kisuze. There are many unanswered questions in her narrative.