By Watchdog reporter

Days before his murder, Maj Muhammad Kiggundu had recorded an audio statement pinning the acting Tabliq Amir Ummah, Yahya Mwanje accusing him and his sect of masterminding the rumpant murder of muslim clerics.
Kiggundu said that Mwanje and company first accuse the person they want to kill in public, using Quranic verses wrongly against the target then after as time passes they murder him.
“Some people take Mwange and group’s words to be true because they think they are established Muslims with distinguished facts,”said Kiggundu adding that people should exempt themselves s from the preachings of sheikhs from Nakasero and William Street mosques.
According to Kiggundu, during the course of last week the acting Amir Ummah stood infront of muslims at Nakasero Mosque and alleged that him (Kiggundu ) met Yahya in an office and asked him convince Sheikh Yunus Kamoga who is currently in prison to admit that he killed Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga then in turn Kiggundu will help him get out of prison. Mwanje further said that Prince Kassim Nakibinge made a statement at police pinning the arrested suspected that they had a hand in killing muslim sheikhs.
Kiggundu added that Mwanje went ahead to tell muslims that he had Nakibinge’s recorded statement in his office and who ever needed it was free to go for it.
The slain sheikh put up shs10 million cash for Mwanje to bring the prince’s recorded statement in public and also asked him to bring his family as he was also going to do the same so that the y can swear infront of their families if the allegations leveled against him were right or wrong which request Mwanje declined.
He ended his voice note with a warning to Mwanje giving him a last warning never to say unmatched words if he is not willing to give in conclusive evidence.
Kiggundu was shot dead with his drive Sgt Mukasa today morning in Masanafu by unknown assailants who were on a boda boda.