By Watchdog reporter

A senior sports editor almost lost his eye after his maid hit and left him with a swollen face.

Allan Ssekamatte, a veteran sports editor, was injured and the poor man cried like a baby at the weekend, after a maid, he identified as Yvonne hit him with a brick for making “unreasonable demands”.

Ssekamatte narrates his ordeal in a moving Facebook post. He says he had asked the maid to light their charcoal stove only for the maid, he says was hired from Rwanda, hit him. He does not explain what resurrected the “monster” in Yvonne.

Allan, a calm gentleman who might have been hungry and wanted his sigiri lit quickly, is one of the few men who have come out to admit violence against them by women.

He is also the first adult to come out to speak after being beaten by a house girl. It has been widely known that maids mistreat toddlers especially those in the breastfeeding age. It is also the children who throw tantrums after maids delay to give them milk that usually get the spankings and it has landed some maids in trouble with their bosses and the law.

Ssekamatte describes his maid as mentally ill and he says she could also have been used by his enemies to hurt. He swore next time to vet maids working in his home. So sorry ndugu Allan.

Allan Ssekamatte’s post is here below;
The danger of hiring a maid without vetting. Mother of my kids got a schizophrenic from Rwanda named Yvonne and she almost cost me my eye. She hit me with a block because I asked her to light a charcoal stove. I think she is a hireling. Hired by a thief called Das to finish me off.

In a post later, Allan says he has been held at Kajjansi police station.

“I am being held at Kajjansi police station for being beaten. Double jeopardy. Tusaba government etuyambe “.