By Watchdog reporter

Have ever met a person you hate most hobnobbing with your best friend and without any alternative remaining apart from greeting them?Think about the ugly and hate face you embrace when you’re trying to give your ‘enemy’ a handshake….ooh God it really sucks!!!

Apparently it’s no longer news that incumbent FUFA president Moses Magogo is going to face his sworn enemy Mujib Kasule who was once a FUFA vice president for FUFA presidency.

Imagine the ‘hate’ look, Magogo shields on when he meets his now threatening competitor Kasule and it becomes worse when he must offer a talk plus a handshake to him (Kasule).

That is exactly what happened on Wednesday when the two  aspiring candidates meet while returning bank slips to the FUFA Electoral Committee chairperson Samuel Bakiika.

The two will face off in August for the federation polls at Masindi Hotel.

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