By Watchdog reporter

Dr Riek Machar’s forces SPLM/SPLA-IO, have alleged to have recaptured Nasir, a government stronghold in Upper Nile State.
According to Dhukan Jundith Both, the SPLM/SPLA-IO spokesman in Nasir County, his troops made major victories in and around Nasir this morning.

“Our forces have been making a lot of progress against the enemy forces in Nasir Town since the fighting started by Salva Kiir side on Sundaymorning. As of now we’re are in control of Majak Street, Kuanylualthon Street, Wunkier Street, Commissioner headquarter office ,Purbuop Street and Nasir market” Dhukan said more than 4 hours ago.
“While our reconnaissance is at Former Upper Nile state Governor Gatluak Deng guarding Sobat FM radio station and between Wec-Yar-Adiew and torjuc valley. It’s just a matter of time, our SPLM/A- IO will flash them out of the vicinity of the Town to the River Nile or they will surrendered.” he continued.

Latest reports from Nasir town, however, indicate that the town has fallen to SPLM/SPLA-IO.
“Nasir town is done, Congratulations!!” Said Gatdiet Peter, a Media coordinator for SPLA/SPLA-IO.
Supporters of Dr. Riek Machar, who have gone wild on social media, are tweeting images of civilians and White armies in Nasir town to prove that they are in control of the town.
At the time of this writing, James Gatdet Dak and government spokesmen are yet to validate their reports.
“I am waiting for official report about the details of the developments in Nasir. I will update our comrades accordingly” James Gatdet said.