By Herbert Bukenya

While her music career is headed in the right direction for now, rising diva Lydia Jazmine might just be making the wrong choices regarding her personal life and relationships.

This has come to light after her recent fall out with her manager turned lover Bushington who reached the extent of locking her out of their Mengo home and having her sleep on the verandah for a couple of times.

So low has their relationship dropped that Jazmine showed up one day at the door and her keys could no longer open as the locks had been changed suddenly.

She is now a regular at her friend’s homes spending nights there in the name of sleep overs while begging her man to take her back. Apparently she had learnt to misbehave with her new fame coming home any time and leaving any time minus informing Bushington.

Besides that, the rising song bird had also began doing gigs on her own minus being booked through the manager which meant him losing revenue and considering he has invested heavily in her career he didn’t take it lying down and decided to let her go until further notice.

Meanwhile Jazmine is desperately begging Bushington to reconsider his position and let her back promising not to repeat the same mistakes this time round.