By Najibu Mulema

News coming in indicate that UBC Sports Journalist Andrew Patrick  Luwandagga did not die of a natural death.

Its alleged that his son,a 30 year old Andrew William Luwandagga strangled him to death but he did not die of a heart failure as it was claimed earlier. Andrew William was picked by the community and handed him to the police on suspicion that he killed his father during a domestic brawl. The alleged son was deported from the US a few weeks ago.

The kampala metropolitan police spokesperson,Emilian Kayima said,“One of his own children, called Andrew William, 30 years old, was arrested by the community and they handed him to the police saying that he could have had a hand in his father’s death and we could not handle that lightly,”

“We have gone ahead to record statements from family members, the widow, Sarah, and the two children,” added Kayima.

He confirmed that William will remain in their custody until a postmortem is released.

“We have sent a postmortem request to Mulago hospital where the body is and the report will indicate the cause of death which will also study whether or not this young man

had a hand in the death of his father,” Kayima said.

Luwandagga died on Saturday morning at his home in Namasuba.

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