By Najibu Mulema

The NRM Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba has joined scores of Ugandans criticizing Prresident Yoweri Museveni and Uganda Revenue Authority(URA) for the shs 6 billion presidential handshake which was rewarded to senior government officials after a court settlement against the British Oil firm, Tullow oil.

While appearing on NBS TV’s Front Line show on Thursday night, Lumumba said the idea of bonuses to officials who are paid to do their job was bad and painted a bad picture for the government.

According to Lumumba, civil servants and officials receiving salaries from government don’t deserve extra bonuses in billions.

“Me as Kasule Lumumba I don’t agree with the development and it was bad. Why should government start awarding its own people in such a fashion?” she asked.

She said that if such bonuses were essential, a formal legal framework should be put in place to systematically handle it.

“If such payment is necessary then it should be legalized and things done openly,” Lumumba asserted.

The Secretary General said the state has had institutions such as IGG which have conducted probes and recovered money but they have never received ant sought of handshake.

Many people have come out to condemn the handshake act, including MPs,civil societies and some concerned Ugandans.