By Najibu Mulema

For Erias Lukwago and Betty Kamya, the pulling and pushing between streets vendors and shop owners over selling merchandise on the streets, is an occasion to hit at each other.

Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago called the minister for Kampala, Betty Kamya asking her to hold the directive she issued yesterday directing the street vendors to vacate the streets.

While addressing the press at the media centre yesterday, Kamya said the eviction should take effect on Thursday to create order among traders and the city and also give shop owners who pay license fees a good environment to operate.

However, while addressing the media at City Hall on Thursday morning where he met the division mayors and councillors, Lukwago said the minister should respect KCCA leaders because they have the mandate to run the city on behalf of the government.

He also noted that as directly elected leaders, they should be allowed to make decisions in favour of all traders in the city rather than taking orders and directives from government.

Lukwago argues that yesterday’s directive came in when the authority leaders were still in a consultative meeting to cater for vendors before evicting them.

According to Lukwago, KCCA will hold another meeting on Monday to decide on the areas that should be gazetted for the vendors as they look for a permanent solution asking the minister to suspend her orders pending their decision.