By Najibu Mulema

Kampala city Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago has described President Yoweri Museveni’s declaration of year 2017 as a year of prosperity to all Ugandans as ridiculous and dishonesty.

According to Lukwago, President shouldn’t say year 2017 is going to be prosperous basing on the deteriorating economy of the country at the moment.

He says the president’s hope of enhancing the economy through oil exploration and agricultural modernization can’t be achieved since he even failed to fulfill a simple promise of delivering hand hoes to each homestead as promised during presidential campaigns.

“Declaring 2017 a year of prosperity is, with due respect, ridiculous and a manifestation of dishonesty, given the glaring economic meltdown the country is experiencing,” Lukwago said.

“That the miracle will come from oil exploration and agricultural modernisation but he is even yet to deliver the hand hoes to each homestead as promised during the campaigns,” he added.

Lukwago further faulted government’s action of rewarding senior government officials with shs 6 billion after a successful Court Settlement by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) against Tullow oil.

“As we are being rubbished as alarmists or pessimists, the country wakes up to a damming revelation that a mere presidential handshake earned some government officials a bonus of UGX 6bn in the oil bonanza; that the legal liabilities arising out of the impunity of state agencies stands at 6.5bn; that Government fails to utilise UGX 18 Trillion yet our foreign debt portfolio has soared to almost 35% of our GDP of US $27BN!. And then one hoodwinks the Nation that in a period of three years all Ugandans, currently with a Per capita GDP of US $ 600, will be reaping the fruits of a middle income economy!!” Lukwago wrote in a statement.