By Watchdog reporter

The man who wore an helmet while beating up FDC supporters has been identified.  The man kicked a supporter who had been knocked down by a police vehicle, instead of helping him.

On Friday morning, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago posted on his Facebook page naming the man asLubowa Yusuf, describing him as a “good with a head gear”.

The Lord Mayor said they planning to take the man to court.

Lukwago wrote: “Just to let you know that we have finally got the full particulars of that goon with a head gear, who has gained notoriety for clobbering innocent people in Kampala.

“He is called Lubowa Yusuf and masquerades as a security operative, but in actual sense he is a boda boda cyclist who even sits on the executive committee of boda boda 2010 for Kampala Central Division.

Our legal team on public interest litigation is doing everything possible to cause his prosecution in courts of law. Together we should fight the culture of impunity.”