By Najibu Mulema

Now days when you hear Rubaga South MP, Kato Lubwama speaking, you get to know that the controversial mp is a real comic star, his brain is so washed with drama.

Recently while appearing on BBS TV, struggling MP said he is educated enough just because he is in a country which doesn’t want to recognize his books but the matter of fact he is at the level of a professor.

The fact is, am educated and am at the level of a professor and I should be called a professor but just because am in Uganda,”

He further faulted Dr. Kizza Besigye and his Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) for being behind his academic qualification case.

Lubwama warned Besigye to stop waging wars on his comrades adding that he should be disciplined and act like a grown up.

“And I repeat it hear Besigye must grow up and be respectful, he should stop the habit of waging wars on his generals because by the end of the day he will search for people to fight alongside him with no avail,” Angry Lubwama lamented.

Lubwama nowdays battling with a court case over his alleged fake academic papers. He was dragged to court by a one Habib Buwembo who says the ‘comedian’ should be kicked out of Parliament due to lack of required academic papers.

Buwembo says Lubwama failed O’ level exams so he demands that the Music Dance and Drama Diploma he attained from Makerere University should be cancelled.