By Watchdog reporter

Following his waged battle against Uganda’s Ambassador in United Arabs Emirates (UAE), Irene Florence Wekiya for failing to rescue Ugandans rotting in Dubai Prison, Kawempe North Lord Councilor Muhammad Ssegirinya has been sent packing back to Uganda.

Recently, Ssegirinya travelled to UAE to attend a conference but in the due process he decided to pay a visit to Ugandans in prisons. After touring almost every prison in Dubai, the Lord Councilor was prompted to take a new twist of finding ways of rescuing Ugandans.

He confronted Wekiya who in turn reported him to responsible authorities citing that he had flown the defiance campaign from Uganda to Dubai.

While in a hiding in one of the places in Dubai, Ssegirinya revealed that Wekiya framed him with severe cases which forced the Arabs to order for his warrant of arrest.

He said he was supposed to come back on Friday this week but his people who sponsored him to the trip, told him to come back on today on Wednesday and promised him that his issue about Ugandans in prisons will be addressed in a one week time.

However, Ssegirinya vowed to cause a commotion at Uganda Prime Minister’s office in Kampala if by any chance a week passes by when Ugandans Dubai prisons are not rescued.

“I swear if by any chance my issue in not worked upon within one week, I promise I will get my mattress blanket go to the prime minister’s office, stay there until am heard,” Sserinya noted.