By Watchdog reporter

Year 2014, the by then Kawempe Mayor Mubarak Munyagwa(now MP) and other politicians who included Muhammad Ssegirinya conducted what they called ‘salt’ dua( prayer) asking God to extol for the downfall of President Museveni’s government.

A number of muslim clerics came out condemning Munyagwa and team for carrying out such prayer saying it was anti-islam.

Now the Kawempe North Lord Councilor Ssegirinya has continued to exhibit his comic acts by conducting such prayer again as people in Uganda and the rest of the world are celebrating Labour Day.

This time round, his close comrade Munyagwa is not part.

Ssegirinya who for the past months is advocating for the release of Ugandans who are incarcerated in different prisons in United Arabs Emirates, vowed not to let it go until the people in question are released.

Today morning, the controversial politician, mobilized a team of some muslims and they went in the bush to conduct a ‘salt’ prayer for government so that it can work on his issue.

“We can not celebrate labour day when Ugandans still rotting in UAE prisons.salt Duuwa in action,” He stated.