By Watchdog reporter

Apparently, Kawempe Division Lord Councillor Muhammad Segirinya is the new ‘Mr Ibu’ in town.

After securing a chance to travel by plane for the first time to Netherlands, Segirinya decided to leave no stone unturned while on the white man’s land.

Lord Councillor was among the officials who went with Dr. Kizza Besigye to attend an International Conference in Hague but excited Segirinya decided to use this chance to explore the new heights through touring the whole Hague, taking selfies and updating his fans on whatever he was doing including cooking, watching TV among other funny activities.

On his returning day, Segirinya decided to shop for his entire village.

Looks like everything he found in Netherlands he can’t find in Uganda, including his jumper.

He now wears Made in Holland and when you find him boosting, don’t bother to wonder, the man is so fresh from the white man’s land.

Yesterday after updating his followers on Facebook, many people started sending him their phone numbers so that he could donate to them what he got from Netherlands.