By Mike Ssegawa
I love nature. Forest walks, and seeing monkeys jump from one tree to another, make my day. That is why I regret arriving at 6.30pm for an event which ideally should have taken me a full day to appreciate.
This was on the opening day of Maya Nature Resort, some 25km off Masaka Road.

Maya Nature Resort is owned by the Al hajj Moses Kigongo family. Kigongo, a politician of the ruling party in Uganda, opened this place to the public without much funfair.
The minister of state for tourism, Kiwanda Suubi, was the chief guest, and some politicians showed up on the evening.

The resort sits on 100 acres, according to Kigongo, and it can take on more than 50,000 people. This means, for people who organize those big events such as mass weddings, you cannot go wrong to choose Maya Nature Resort.

However, the hajj explains that Kampala is indeed congested, and anyone who loves space and privacy, should find this place inviting.

Kigongo does not say how much he invested in this expansive venue. However, I can tell you, it is millions and millions of shillings.

And you cannot fail to find what to do while here, including a bars, a water fountain arguably the largest in Uganda, the restaurants, camping, cottages, hotel rooms, name it.

“For those who enjoy life like me, can come by, have romance and enjoy their relationship here,” Kigongo said to the amusement of journalists, who had already spotted a pretty youthful Mrs Kigongo, in his company.

From Maya Nature Resort, you forget you are in the countryside due to the sense of security, modern finishing to the structures, personal service touch, and well paved walk-ways. Groups, couples and individuals can find their peace.

Of course it is difficult to occupy the over 100 acres on this expanse. However, for a nature lover I am, this is one place I visit again and again. You too can.